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About Russian Rock

Rock in Russia seems to gain enough ground to differentiate widely in various genres. Similarly to Western rock, it may be characterized by different drive, rhythm and lyrics. Unconventional instruments have often been used in addition to the standard electric guitars and drums (very often, a violin). Alternative rock with its Nirvana-like drive from Pilot (Shnurok) - again with a violin (!) or Zveri (Dozhdi-Pistolety) sounds and feels worlds apart from Zemfira's classic Russian rock or Nochnyje Snaipery.

Considering its poetic roots, it is not a big surprise that lyrics play a far larger role in Russian rock than Western rock. Vocal melody is sometimes eschewed in favor of a more impassioned delivery (Viktor Tsoi, the lead singer of Kino, pioneered a characteristically strained, monotonous style of singing that has been imitated by many).

Russia has always been facing both East and West with its double-headed Eagle on the coat-of-arms. The Eastern derivative in the Russian rock came with soundtracks from movies like Daywatch that had Tamerlan's legend of the Chalk of Destiny at its roots. Russian rock expressively used and integrated elements from culture, as well as Western and Eastern (especially countries of the USSR).

From: Wikipedia's article on Russian Rock

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