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Korol' i Shut (King and Jester, Russian: Король и Шут) is a Russian horror punk band from Saint Petersburg who takes its inspiration and costumes from tales and fables.

The band was formed in 1988 by school friends in Saint Petersburg around founder members Mikhail "Jug" Gorshenev (Михаил Горшок Горшенёв), Alexandr Balu Balunov (Александр Балу Балунов) and Alexandr Lieutenant Tchigoliev (Александр Поручик Щиголев). Singer Andrei Kniaz' Kniazev (Андрей Князь Князев) joined the band in 1990 and guitarist Yakov Zvirkunov (Яков Цвиркунов) in 1997. The band's name, which means The King and the Jester, was adopted in 1992, its previous name was Bureau (Контора).

Korol' i Shut is the first Russian band that refers to tales figures like trolls, dwarves and vampires, as well as contains many figures from Slavic mythology.

The band recorded for the first time in 1991 in a semi-professional studio. It was programmed on the radio soon after and began to tour in Saint Petersburg's clubs. From 1993, it started touring also in Moscow.

A first album was released in 1994 with a run of few copies: Bud' kak doma putnik (Будь как дома путник – Feel yourself at Home, wanderer), which was re-edited in 2000.

The first album which was largely edited was Kamnem po golove (Камнем по голове – Stone to the head) in 1996 by "Melodya" . Many other albums were released since then. The first music video was released in 1998 for the song Yeli miaso mujiki (Ели мясо мужики -- Men were Eating Meat).

Korol' i Shut toured over Israel and United States in 2003.

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