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Agatha Christie (Cyrillic: Агата Кристи, transliteration: Agata Kristi) is a Russian rock band led by brothers Vadim and Gleb Samoylov, that was established in Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg), Russia in 1988.

Agatha Christie has created its unique style incorporating post-punk/new wave music with decadent poetry in their lyrics and made a great contribution to Russian rock. They achieved the Grand-Prix at festival of young European groups “Open du Rock” (France, 1991), premium “World Music Awards” as the most popular Russian music band (Monte-Carlo, 1997), four national premiums “Овация (Ovation)”, in 2000 it was voted the best Russian group of the 90s.

The founders of the band - Vadim Samoylov (born in Sverdlovsk, October 3, 1964), Aleksandr Kozlov (born in Asbest, September 25, 1961) and Petr Mai — were schoolmates, they played together in a school band. In 1985 they (together with Vadim’s younger brother Gleb Samoylov, who was born in Asbest, August 4, 1970) created a music band named “ВИА РТФ УПИ” (which literally stands for: vocal-instrumental ensemble of Radioengineering faculty of Ural Polytechnical Institute).

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