Сектор Газа / Sektor Gaza

About The Band

YEARS ACTIVE : 1987 - 2000
HOME CITY : Voronezh

Every generation of musicians has its own "enfant terrible", posessing scandalous reputation and lots of very special negative attraction at a time, such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Morrison or Johny Rotten. In the history of Russian rock it's Yuri "Hoy" Klinskikh, leader of the most hooligan musical project "Sector Gaza", composer and author of lyrics.

The group was formed December, 5, 1987 in the city of Voronezh and still remains one of the most popular in Russia, although it was never acknowledged officially. The name of the group has nothing to deal with the Middle East conflict, it was named after an ecologically contaminated industrial zone of Voronezh, which the natives call "Sector of gas". As for their music, one may say they play a kind of Russian punk, using different musical trends, such as rock, rap and Russian folk.

In 1994 punk-opera "Kaschey-the-immortal" was released. It's a punk version of a famous Russian fairy tale. In this album Yuri used music of popular groups, such as AC/DC, Queen, Ace of Base, Nirvana and lyrics of his own. The album got into the top 10, and hypocritical journalists called "SG" "a young promising group from the back of beyond".

The group released four videoclips: "Kolkhoz punk", "Lyric", "The fog" and "It's time to return home". Together with DJ Mole Yuri arranged some "SG" remixes in techno, but because of the economical crisis in Russia and, therefore, financial problems, release of the remix album is delayed. "SG" uses four letter words in their songs, but they very rarely do it at their concerts. "I am using four letter words not for the sake of it"- admits Yuri - "our songs are for those who can understand us. If you're stipid, you remain the same after the concert".

In November 1998 "SG" had a successful concert tour in Russia. And now all the "SG" fans are looking forward to the new album.

New album "Risen from a Hell" was released in October 2000. But Ury HOY didn't seen that. On the 4th of July, 2000, Yuri "Hoy" Klinslih began to feel a strong pain in his stomach and the left side of his chest. He chose not to cancel a meeting later that day to film a music video for the song "Noch Straha" hoping that the pain would simply fade away. Soon afterwards, his heart stopped. At the age of 36, he died in Voronezh(Russia), he is buried on a Levoberezhniy cemetery.

Pay attention! So-called group "ex-Sector gaza" is a fake, organized after Hoy's death by the former guitarist Igor Kushev for earning money. It has no attitude to the Sektor gaza's creativity.

Article by : Aslan KURBANOV



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