Би-2 / Bi-2

About The Band

HOME CITY : Babruysk, Belarus

Formed in Minsk (yes, they're from Bielorussia) in 1989. Bi-2 became in the beginning of the 90s one of the most popular rock bands of Bielorussia. Only they knew that there wasn't much future there for them in the post-soviet Bielorussia, so they moved to Israel in 1991. They didn't think the band would survive, but they did continue playing shows in Israel.

In 1992, they won as best band in a rock festival in Israel. They recorded some of their well known songs in Israel (Bessy, S taboj, Varvara). Shura eventually felt that Israel did not suit him anymore, and moved to Australia in 1993. Leva stayed in Jerusalem and did his military service there. During that time, Shura created a side project while in Australia, the Shura Bi-2 Band & Co. From 1994 to 1997, Shura writes some more known Bi-2 songs, such as Medlennaya Zvezda.

In 1998 Leva joins shura in Australia and Bi-2 exists again. In 1999, their songs Serdze is heard in Moscow on the radio and is a big hit. They have no choice but to fly to Russia in 1999. Their real success is established with the Brat-2 soundtrack and the song Polkovnik. They release a first album in 2000 (which is a BIG success, they even got a World Music Award for it) and Mau kiss mi in 2001 which sells at 70 000 copies on its first release day.

More band history can be found on their official site.

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