Крематорий / Krematoriy

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Russian rock group. The group’s front man (and main song writer) is Armen Grigoryan (Армен Григорян).

The group formed in 1983 (Armen Grigoryan (Армен Григорян) and Viktor Troyegubov (Виктор Троегубов)) and quickly grew in popularity in the rock circles of the capital. After the release of Illusionary Earth (Иллюзорный мир) in 1985, the group gained a reputation throughout the former Soviet Union and begin to perform at concerts all over the country. However, Troyegubov leaves as a result of discord between the two leaders and forms a new project called Smoke (Дым). Krematorij continues to increase in popularity until several group members leave again after the release of Coma (Кома) in 1988. Grigoryan succeeds in drawing new musicians to the band. The line-up has otherwise been unchanged to this day.

Troyegubov temporarily returned to the group in 1993 as both musician and director of the group. In 1994, the group worked on the film Tatsu (Тацу). However, the film was not a success and was never brought to rental, though clips from the film are frequently used in Krematorij’s music videos. After another quarrel, Troyegubov left the group for a second and final time. He later wrote a book entitled Life in Krematorij and Outside It (Жизнь в „Крематории“ и вне его) in which he makes many accusations against Grigoryan. He returns to Smoke which quickly dissipates. Meanwhile, Krematorij continued its creative life, releasing several more albums and performing on tours all over the world. Krematorij contributed greatly to the development of the Russian rock music genre. Grigoryan composes multifaceted lyrics that frequently deal with the themes of life and death in various religious contexts. The use of the violin serves to give Krematorij an individuality that has been essential to the group’s continued popularity.

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