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HOME CITY : Novosibirsk

Pelageya (this is her real name, and not a pseudonym as some believe) has been on the professional stage from the early childhood.

She was born in 1986 in Novosibirsk, industrial and cultural center of Western Siberia. At a very early age she proved to be an exceptional vocalist with a wonderful sense of pitch, perfect inflections, distinctive timbre, the ability to easily duplicate various vocal styles, wide singing range and intuitive understanding of the material. All these characteristics, with which she was blessed from the birth, always amazed not only amateur spectators, but also professional musicians.

Mass media very quickly spread the news about a girl in Siberia who has a rare gift of a "musical wunderkind." It was at that time that she acquired a moniker of "Russian national treasure." However, all this attention was not only due to her remarkable singing capabilities...

Pelageya chose for herself an unpopular at that time genre: Russian folklore and romance songs. This genre was primarily associated with either singing of "Oy, Moroz, Moroz" in chorus around the dinner table at various celebrations, or with officially celebrated older women in antique Russian outfits.

Whenever she chose another very well known song for her performances, Pelageya would always surprise listeners with her clearly established artistic credo-blending of seemingly incompatible components: originality of presentation (from the style of singing to the uniqueness of arrangements) and penchant for authenticity.

Very quickly the young singer (she was 9-10 back then) won the recognition in the musical world. Her accomplishments in resurrecting of Russian folk singing traditions were recognized by masters of very different genres-from the classical academic (collaboration with Osipov orchestra) to the rock-alternative (participation in such festivals as "Learn to Swim" in Estonia, recording of tributes to Depeche Mode, etc.)

In 2000 Pelageya (at the time a 14 year old singer) was joined by several musicians: 15 year old guitar player Pasha Deshura, bass player, percussionist, and bayan player. Together they prepared their first acoustic concert program, which was met with the highest praise by both the club-going public (the presentation of the program was held in the cult Moscow club "Chinese pilot Jao Da") and by the official Russian musical society.

Although the group has not recorded an official album yet, a short while later underground recording studios released a collection of her songs entitled "Ne dlya tebya" [Not For You]. Such event was extraordinary even by the standards of Russian pirate-infested entertainment business. The illegal album featured songs, which were recorded at various points in time, and were released as a part of other music compilations. This album was sold out in a matter of days.

2003 saw the release of the first official self-titled album of "Pelageya"-by that time the group assumed the name of its lead singer. It included recordings made by Pelageya during her childhood years, while she was under contract with the label "FEELEE records," as well as songs from the acoustic program.

Today the group consists of four people-singer Pelageya, guitar player and arranger Pasha Deshura. Using the most minimalist means of expression, the musicians are trying to develop what the young girl from Siberia started long time ago.

It becomes clear very quickly while listening to their music that the group "Pelageya" is about many things: modern tunes as well as old traditions; desire to turn today's youth towards authentic Russian folk singing; constant effort to be on par with the best that modern music avant-garde offers; endless search of its own style, while at the same time freely sampling the best of modern musical achievements; experiments with sound and vocal techniques; and attempts to bring back to stage the song as a true theatrical performance, the song as a mystery.

Wherever the group travels with performances, it does not leave indifferent spectators behind. Every such acquaintance builds the army of admirers of the group "Pelageya" Make no mistake, these people are not just fans, they are also the ones who are looking for the real music, who are contemplating what is music in today's society: popcorn, or the food for the soul, which can bring about spiritual catharsis.

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