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Vitas is a creative male solo singer with a very unique approach to singing and songwriting. Instead of sticking to one form of music, he branches out to--and excels in-- many different styles. In his 'Operas' No. 1 & 2, he can hit high octaves and difficult notes, in a style somewhat unusual for a pop singer. Much of his music, however, is different. Songs such as 'Internet Nastroyenie' sound more like electropop, while songs like 'Unlucky' suggest folk influences.

Overall, Vitas is a very versatile and constantly changing artist. His music is interesting and of consistent high quality. One of the best and most unusual 'pop' singers from Russia today (in my humble opinion). His fans often feel a deep, almost spiritual connection with his music--as one fan from Israel writes, 'Sometimes astonishment struck me: who is he? a sage or a child? a touching boy or a philosopher? He is both strong and vulnerable, cheerful and suffered, Faraway and close. I perceive he is an Actor first of all... I peer in his scenic images and see his soul. Probably he is an Actor whom I have been waiting for....Vitas, sing, Please !'

Update: Vitas has also been recently featured on Yahoo's main page! Congratulations!

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