This site was made for all the people around the world interested in Russian music and Russian culture in general, without having Russian as a native language. For people learning Russian, listening to the music with the lyrics can be a good way to improve your skills. For others, it may become an introduction to the wonders of Russian and Soviet culture.

As of summer 2009, we are also bringing you the wonders of Ukrainian music! Look for the Ukrainian flag symbol across the site.

The content of this site is brought to you by dedicated volunteers and its access is always free of charge.

Please keep in mind that this project is always growing and that sometimes the admins do not have the time to keep an eye on every song and translation we are putting online. We are often taking lyrics from big sites as pesni.ru and yes, there will be occasional mistakes. Our translators are also trying their best, but yes... sometimes there will be mistakes in translations as well. We would ask to nicely point them out by e-mail at katya ( AT ) russmus.net

About V4

Russmus has spaned 4 versions over its history. The very first version of Russmus was made with static pages and incredibly tedious to update. Each version has brought more and more features to the site itself and made it easier and easier for the Admins to add and manage the content. The 4th iteration of russmus provides the users with cool new dynamic features (like live filtering of songs), and a more manageable backend.

The Russmus Team

Katerina aka Katya (Admin, Web Designer)

I was born and raised in Moscow, then moved along with my parents to Montreal, Canada in 1992.

The whole RussMus project started back in 2003 as a little "music" section on my home page. I felt like sharing the wonders of Russian music with the world, so I started putting up some translations. This page very quickly became the main interrest of my homepage with a lot of people asking me to translate that or that song. When I realized how popular it has become, I decided to create a site of its own dedicated to Russian Music... The site started then as a pretty static page with only a few artist and some basic information on each. Since I was the only person working on it, the whole update process was long and painful. When James came along with his programming knowledge, he re-did the whole thing with databases and java scripts and lots of other wonders. The site is currently at its 4th official version as of 2011.

James aka Jammers (Admin, Web Programmer)

Born in England, rased in Scotland. Loves Russia.

I joined russmus in August 2005, I started doing the podcast in April 2006. Since 2007 I have helped with the design and programming of versions of Russmus. Russmus has fostered my love of Russian music, and as a result of that I am now learning Russian and seeking ways of emersing myself in this deeply ritch country and culture (and enjoying a butload of gigs). Unfortunatley time does not permit me to be as regular with the podcasts as I once was.

The Retired Soldiers

Many thank yous go to all the people who have been helping managing the site in the past:

Kukushka, AK, denNORSK, polybo0t, Justin, Brother Paul, Fhydra, Lather, Diskomafia03, Uzbek, Alex, Ani, Ana & Sara Boyd.

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